Mustang grabbed the award for Hottest Car at this year’s SEMA. This makes it a galloping four years of dominance.

What did the judges see that got them so “hot”?

Motor Authority points out that Camaro would be considered handicapped this year because they are in the midst of transition to the new generation. So tuners have had less time for inspiration and modification on the latest mdoels.

The judging is a big “subjective”: the judges decide which cars seem most popular – presumably correlated with the size of the crowd surrounding each vehicle.

8 tricked out and done-up Mustangs were on display for the SEMA judges.


2016 Mustang by Motoroso: 727 horsepower is within reach, thanks to a Roush supercharger and a Gibson exhaust bolted to its 5.0-liter V-8. Lowered over Eibach springs, the pony car looks ready to party. There is enough subtle filigree to earn a second and third glance from the young at heart.


2016 Mustang by TS Designs: Big-hipped and wide-bodied.  Looks like the devil’s chariot!  The chariot runs on hell-bent 21-inch front and 22-inch rear Forgiato wheels.


2016 Mustang Ecoboost by Bojix Design:  A triple stripe runs from bumper to bumper.  Car and Driver said, “We really dig the yellow, gray, and darker-gray flashes of color over the Lamborghini Bianca Isis white-and-silver paint, and the yellow spokes on the wheels are a neat detail we’ve seen on Bojix creations before”.  The lusty spirit is built in with an intercooler, downpipe, and intake from Full-Race Motorsports, as well as an upgraded turbo.


2016 Mustang CGS Mustang Convertible:  Not as unfettered as some of the wilder concepts, it’s dapper in the red-and-white color scheme. But “bad intentions” lurk beneath the surface: underneath the restrained body is a supercharger, a CGS cat-back exhaust, a CGS cold-air intake, a KW coil-over suspension, Steeda sway bars, and Brembo brakes.


2016 Mustang by Mad Industries: this is the ultimate night rider.  Imagine it rolling down a misty boulevard past columns of street lights!  The grille, wheels, door mirrors, and the entire interior is “Brilliant Blue,” pushing the Pure Black main color even blacker. The fury of 725 horsepower is the result of supercharging the 5.0-liter V-8 and other sorcery.


2016 Mustang EcoBoost from Bisimoto: Talk about a sinister “black box”.  Even above it looks like something villainous on the page.  Bisimoto has catapulted the output of the turbocharged 2.3 liter four cylinder engine to 900 hp – about 3X stock. To get to 900 horsepower, Bisimoto overhauled the ECU, fitted a boost controller, replaced nearly every internal engine component with lighter and stronger pieces, piped a custom exhaust, and threw on a Turbonetics turbo with a “Godzilla” blow-off valve. See all the mods listed here.

Two other Fords joined the Mustang as Hottest Cars at SEMA. The F-Series pickup truck won Hottest Truck category and the Focus sedan and hatch won the Hottest Sport Compact category.

The aftermarket industry, of which SEMA is its ecstatic expression, has been growing every year for the past five.  With this report, we hope to have saved you the cost of a plane ticket to Las Vegas and intense battles for the last hotel room in the city.  And also from losing your inheritance at the 21 tables.

You’re welcome!