The Car Culture is teeming with colorful and accomplished people. But it’s surprising how down to earth and philosophical so many are.

No surprise to Mark Greene, though. He has interviewed almost 500 MAJOR car nuts in a couple of years.

There is no bigger car nut than our friend Mark Greene.  For his podcast, Cars Yeah! he uploads a new interview 5 days a week 50 weeks a year.  As you would guess from the name Cars Yeah, he interviews only folks who are passionate about cars and have made a successful career around that passion.

If you have been listening recently, you were treated to Skip Barber talking about the iconic Skip Barber Racing School he founded in 1975.  He did that after a successful career in which he held 32 track records around the country.  He talks about becoming the sole owner of the historic Lime Rock Park, and how he is transforming it.  Surrounded by success, with a name everyone knows… you’ll be surprised by what he considers his biggest failure.


Did you catch the Don Panoz interview?  Did you know he only became a car guy in 1997?  This after starting his own pharmaceutical company (inventor of the nicotine patch) and then – what goes with giving up smoking – a winery.  His son brought him into racing, and fireworks went off.  Don likes to innovate rather than hibernate.  So he innovated the eye-catching pioneering Panoz GTR-1.   And then he lead the charge to the Delta Wing  which debuted at Le Mans in 2012.  While it looked like it could fly, Don admits he was relieved when it didn’t.


You’ll never guess what Don’s first special car was (hint a 1946 something.)

You’ll like the interview with all purpose celebrity and entertainer and wrencher Adam Carolla.  Guaranteed: you’ll be charmed by this interview.  Hear how his labrador – the first labrador who hated to swim (other than my own) – taught him the invaluable lesson of always keep churning your legs.  Or how he thoroughly enjoyed a Paul Newman car he purchased by smelling every inch of it.  You’ll be rocked to hear what kind of car he thinks he most resembles.  Hint: it’s an International.

Coming up, Mark has an interview with Dan Parker who is blind but sets Land Speed Records at Bonneville on cars and bikes he built himself.

You can enjoy Mark’s podcast on his Cars Yeah website or via iTunes.