Harold Cleworth paints an emerald green 1959 Cadillac in front of some Southern California house.

No, it’s not your house and it’s not your emerald green 1959 Cadillac.  But it’s an image your mind will own forever…

Shout the name of *HAROLD CLEWORTH*.   He is one of the great artists whatever the genre, but in particular he specializes in automotive-art. Actually, he revels in cars and car culture.

If you were to walk into a room and saw a piece by Harold Cleworth – like one of those Harold Cleworth prints we now offer – you would put down your Pabst and make a low murmur.  He sure paints brilliantly, but there is something more.. a bit of a free-spirited personality – perhaps bohemian.

Cleworth began his career in London designing album covers for the Stones and The Who.  But it got to be 1972, and he had a hankering to join Haight-Ashbury’s erupting art community.  He liked the cars and the culture and painted a celebration of the two.

You would be forgiven if you assumed he uses air-brush and computers to achieve the dazzling realism, but that would be wrong.  He uses the same techniques as Picasso and John Singer Sargent: many paints and ten-thousands of brushstrokes.

“I’ll often start with the car, yet not really know what the background is going to be like. Occasionally I’ll start with the background, and as the painting goes on, I’ll figure out what I want to do with it.”

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