It was Groundhog Day all over again at the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Not only did Lewis Hamilton win YET again but a groundhog faced down a charging Felipe Massa and other drivers to avoid becoming F1 roadkill.

First, the race. Lewis Hamilton won again without a problem. *Guess who* came in second, but was pluckish about it.

A groundhog decided at some point in the 70 lap race to “play chicken” with the F1 drivers.

“Why did the groundhog cross the road? To get to the other side.”

Felipe Massa driving for Williams lead a phalanx of drivers to veer to the right, thus sparing the little critter. His bravado squashed (but not him), he decided to scamper away.

Massa said he never expects to see an animal on the track, though dogs have wandered into races in India and Brazil. He had enough time to react, but worried that the two cars trailing him wouldn’t see the groundhog.  They did.

In further news on the race, Lewis Hamilton reported he was delighted to have won.  Groundhog reported to be glad he is still alive.