Someone is having even weirder dreams than you, and he can recreate them the next day! Paris-based graphic designer Nicolas Amiard shows what it would look like if the remnants of an intergalactic war descended in our major cities.

This is right up our alley…



Just imagine a Star Wars battleship plummeted from the sky in New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro or
even Red Square. Shot down or run out of Peragian fuel. What would that really look like?

This would be after the hordes of screaming people running amok and away from the carnage, like 2 weeks later. What would that look like before the government committees convened to decide how Waste Management of the future would dispose of these colossal spaceships crashed into our city centers?

The imaginative designer shows us a Millennium Falcon spaceship surging from the Hudson onto lower Manhattan, New York. Another large destroyer is headfirst in downtown San Francisco as viewed from a busy San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. A Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship crashes beneath the Christ sculpture in Rio De Janeiro.


See all the images here.  Thanks to Hi Consumption for the tip!