Have you watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Just posted is an episode where Jerry Seinfeld drives to breakfast with Stephen Colbert. In an old Morgan. These two guys are like Morgans of comedy.

Don’t know the series? Let’s get you up to speed…

Stephen Colbert was the superstar of the *Colbert Report* – brilliant satire of right-wing reporting on the Comedy Channel – even if your politics were being satirized, you had to laugh. Now he is taking over the Late Show with David Letterman, only now without David Letterman.  He’s the guest of this episode.

Host Jerry Seinfeld was star of the most successful sitcom in history, *Seinfeld*. After a decade of being #1 rated show for laughs, Seinfeld called it quits. He then  created a reality show about himself and “guest” comedians driving in a notable car to have coffee or breakfast. It’s called appropriately “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. No, seriously.

This episode is the finale of the 6th season.  Point being it’s been at least a cult hit.

The show is not broadcast on a channel, you see it streamed from the Internet on your computer or your smartphone.   Just like you’re reading this post.  Click on Seinfeld-Colbert in Morgan to see the show.

The third celebrity of each show is the car, and in this case the match between guest celebrity and car is especially poignant.   It’s a 1964 Morgan Plus 4.  That happens to be the same year Colbert was born.  More importantly, to distance himself from the ultra clean-cut, buttoned-down persona he played in the Colbert report, he has transformed himself into the ultimate bearded, warm, tweed-like characterization of a Morgan owner.

Colbert may not be able to drive the Morgan stick, but he imagines the Morgan mystique by conjuring up a small, talking mouse named Wilfred who lives in the glovebox and is the perfect butler.

This is a different kind of car show, to be sure.  It introduces you to the people and then the car that transports them.  Do you agree?  Let us know on our Automotive-Art facebook page.