This looks like more fun than riding a mechanical bull set at Level 9! A Czech company called Elsaco is offering a race car simulator that lets the driver experience the forces placed on him hurtling around the track.

Feel every muscle twinge…

4DOF Extreme 4×4 / 3D TV racing simulator from Elsaco

Yeeehaw! Why, you may ask, is the contraption and the subject (driver) being flung so furiously? You don’t see a driver tossed like a rag doll in a real world race, right? YouTube contributor Peter Reitinger provided this useful comment:

“This simulator does not simulate movement OF YOUR SEAT – it does simulate the FORCE. The system HAS to overreact, using gravitation or centrifugal forces to transmit the applied force you would experience in a car into your middle ear sensoric.”

This experience will get a whole lot more immersive with an Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset)… due out in 2016. That way should you take your eyes off the track you won’t see a mountain of dirty laundry waiting to be washed a few feet away.

How much? The manufacturer, Elsaco, is elusive only stating on its website that the cost of the basic model with 3D TV screen approximates cost of “middle class car.” If you want one, you can email

As an alternative, you can buy a CXC Simulator for around $67,000 (Racer version). They are headquartered in Los Angeles, a short drive from LAX.

4DOF Extreme 4×4 / 3D TV racing simulator

Tip of the hat to Jalopnik for bringing this up!

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