In the late 60s, radicals chanted that the “revolution will be televised.” Turns out the start of a revolution in car design is ready for streaming on YouTube.

That’s thanks to AutoDesignO and their *XPLORE* convocation of car designers…

On September 9, Legendary Car Guy had to miss an event called *XPLORE* which is all about what’s breaking ground in car design. He had so looked forward to a day talking car design at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. Achieving harmony in his family vacationing 100 miles away was his excuse.

John Grafman, who manages AutoDesignO, arranged for a 60 minute video on two exciting presentations. Informative, articulate and … visionary!

Interviews from XPLORE, September 1, 2015 produced by AutoDesignO with MPG

JULIAN MONTOUSSE is the Director of Design for Mazda – North America. He was skillfully interviewed by Eric Noble, President of The CARLAB.  Julian focused on the design of the Mazda MX-5 Miata with which he was heavily involved. He explained how Mazda approached this car following a spiritual code that is Japanese – or at least the code of Mazda that emerged from the destruction of Hiroshima.

What his California-based design team focused on is being stuck on the 405, and being able to achieve connection and intimate catharsis with your car.  Julian thinks Mazda’s direction of integrating the exterior with the interior with the Internet is the way forward.  Every city has at least one *405*.  Every driver has a *405* moment.

Car designs change constantly, but Julian has confided how young designers go about designing cars is changing… and that’s going to radically change the designs of ours cars.

PHILIP LUNN is CEO of Nurulize and is interviewed by Chris Woodyard,  Bureau Chief of USA Today.  A successful entrepreneur in tech, Lunn has turned his attention to deploying virtual reality to facilitate design of cars.   The hardware will be like the eagerly anticipated launch of the Oculus Rift.  Using Lunn’s software to launch after the first of the year, designers will be able to interact with a virtual reality actualization of their design, plus any components they incorporate.


Designers will be able to scan a clay or digital model and interact with it as if it has been produced.  This means ultimately being able to sketch changes on it, bring collaborators to bend over a wheel well with you.

How will this make a difference?  More iterations of design options within a given time investment.  So more new directions able to be explored.

To further showcase adventurous design, the show featured Rezvani Motors’ eye-popping sports car, the BEAST, built in Orange County, CA.  Designed by the young and talented Samir Sadkhov.

01246-20150901 MPG & AutoDesignO XPLORE-Mazda+Rezvani Beast+Nurulize+Ferretti Yacht-WS-D4s-2of2

01246-20150901 MPG & AutoDesignO XPLORE-Mazda+Rezvani Beast+Nurulize+Ferretti Yacht-WS-D4s-2of2

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