We talk about car culture when we to refer to the world  of car enthusiasts and all their myriad interests in cars.  It’s like a religion, but no one is in charge and no church.  There is no such terms when you want to refer to the equivalent for motorcycle riders.

As a public service, Automotive-Art offers some suggestions…

Coming up with a term that captures the sense of *car culture* but for motorcycle aficionados is harder than it looks.  The term “culture” is a tough act to follow.  It says fellowship, unity, ancestry, sophistication.  It leaves out nothing, and includes almost anything.  Following are some terms we came up with.  WARNING: some of our candidate names really suck.

  • motorcycle empire
  • motorcycle realm
  • motorcycle multitude
  • motorcycle crusade
  • motorcycle nation
  • motorcycledom
  • motorcycle force
  • motorcycle “land”
  • motorcycle breed
  • motorcycle family
  • motorcycle domain
  • motorcycle species (just kidding)
  • motorcycle orbit (pun on cycles)
  • motorcycle power
  • motorcycle planet

After several Bloody Mary’s, it looks like the best our blue-ribbon committee could come up with was “Motorcycle Life“.  So you would say:

“This new development will be important to both the car culture and motorcycle life.”

We entreat you to make additional suggestions of your own as comments on our Automotive-Art Facebook Page.