Swiss coachbuilder, Fred Berhard got it into his head to create the *FB1 Race Taxi*. Our German is not good enough to understand his motivations – other than why not? He definitely had in mind to breathe Porsche performance into a vintage 1962 VW T1 van. It took him 6 years and much engineering derring-do.


Image Credit: Volkswagen

The van is now powered by an air-cooled, forced-induction six-cylinder from a Porsche 993 fitted with two turbochargers. It puts out 530 horsepower through a 6-speed transmission from a 996 GT3. It stops with original Porsche 993 B-Turbo brakes with ABS. The rear side windows have been replaced with twin air intakes.  Power steering is supplied from a 993 Bi -Turbo.

Using carbon fiber Fred cut weight down to 3,300 pounds. The van hits 143 mph despite having the aerodynamic impediment of being shaped like a bus.


Fred now offers passenger trips on various race tracks. If I understand correctly, he may be goading Porsche race drivers into a race at the Hockenheim ring.

He has kept meticulous notes on the entire process, in case he wants to build a second one!  It’s professional debut is this week  at the Wörthersee GTI Meeting in Austria.