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If you haven’t seen a precision scale model lately… get ready for amazement!

Automodello has just delivered their 1934 Duesenberg J Graber Convertible in 1:24 scale. Why this model has collectors breathing heavily is… 1) it’s of a Duesenberg J Model 2) which was uniquely restyled by coachbuilder Carrosserie Graber of Switzerland 3) it’s in 1:24 scale, increasingly rare. And …

4) It’s precisely and remarkably modeled. It has what might be called “Holy Cow!!” appeal.

The subject car has an unusual provenance. It started life bodied as a long wheel-base chauffeur-driven Duesenberg, perfect for New York boulevards. Got shipped to Paris, where it didn’t fit in. So was given over to Graber for a total make-over.

Framework and suspension got lowered, around which a flowing aluminum body was constructed by hand. The flourishing design was paid off with a smooth and raked art deco grille.

Bill Harrah ended up buying the car in the 70’s and ownership passed over decades to other serious, world-class collectors.

The edition is limited to 499. The model is resin-based, not diecast. Which means nothing opens, all the attention is paid to detail in what you can see *curbside.* You peer with your eyes not your fingers. (Do you have to climb the Eiffel Tower to appreciate it?)  This is the latest work by acclaimed designer Raffi Minasian.

Legacy Motors offers this model for now. Click on 1934 Duesenberg J Graber Convertible. Legacy also offers an exclusive *Tribute* version (limited edition of 80) in black & silver. Click on 1934 Duesenberg J Graber Tribute.

Here is what the 1934 Duesenberg J Tribute version looks like…

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Image Credit: Rich Sufficool