Jeremy Clarkson is like any other 50-something: angst-ridden from damaged relationships, grieving loved ones, irritated by work-related issues, and battling inner demons,” explains Piers Morgan in a column in the UK’s Sunday’s Mail.

I understand, perhaps better than most, the rather particular stresses and strains that come with being a cocky, opinionated, mischievous, polarizing TV personality who seeks occasional relief in alcoholic libation.

When CNN relieved Piers of the Larry King Live mantel last year, Clarkson was said to utter boorish and belittling insults to the suddenly deposed talk-show host. But the abuse started over a decade ago. Clarkson had – in public – punched Piers three times in the head over some paparazzi photos. Ouch!

The story goes the two have recently reconciled after a marathon drinking bout. It turns out Jeremy fancies rose wine.

There has been no other update on the future of the series.