The UK’s Telegraph reports that Lord Tony Hall, the director-general of the BBC, has terminated Jeremy Clarkson for his assault on producer Oisin Tymon after a day’s filming an episode of Top Gear.  Positively terminated.

The BBC investigation corroborated the rumor that Clarkson went on a 20 minute tirade against Tymon before punching him. The volatile Clarkson had been set off when advised the hotel they were staying in had stopped serving hot food. This meant no steak and fries for the hungry Clarkson.


What this dumping of Jeremy means for the BBC can only be speculated upon. With the contracts of the other 2/3 of the trio expiring shortly, there may be no original cast members if the show soldiers on. And the entire trio may be reunited on another show on another more grateful network. Maybe on Netflix.

Cohorts James May and Richard Hammond have said they wouldn’t present the show without Clarkson.

Would you have made the decision to fire Clarkson? As opposed to a negotiated apology and short -term self-effacement. Are you sad to see Top Gear come to this end? Over steak and fries.