A US team has taunted a Japanese company to put their giant robot up against ours. The throwdown is for one year from now. Forget about drones, big battlebots will settle affairs.


An enterprise called Megabots, representing the US, will pit its Megabot Mark II against Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ million-dollar robot called Kuratas. These robots are manned,  so there will not be BattleBots-style carnage. The robots will shoot paintballs at each other. But at a velocity and with a ferocity, there is still plenty of room for violence.

The MegaBot Mark 2 fires 3-pound paint cannon balls at 100 miles per hour. Cages and other protective gear will shield the pilots from being hit directly/ Still, you can expect enough incidental contact and jolts from high velocity balls to make every hit stunning.

MegaBot is a full-scale, 15 foot tall, 6 ton tracked mech that has the ability to drive, stand, torso twist, and fire interchangeable weapons from both arms.

Kuratas Piloted Robot

The first duel isn’t due until next year. In the meantime, MegaBot and Autodesk teamed up to solicit collaboration from other US engineers and deep-thinkers.

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