Ferrari happy as can be!  Sebastian Vettel wins his fourth Singapore Grand Prix in five years.  His Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen takes third.  And a spectator strolls happily along the track in the middle of the race. [UPDATE]

What happened to Lewis Hamilton?

Vettel’s win cemented him as the third-winningest F1 driver of all time (41), passing fallen superstar Ayrton Senna.  Only Schumacher and Prost are ahead of him.  (Of course, Lewis Hamilton is only one behind him).

His 25 points puts him within 50 points of Hamilton who got zero points.  And Hamilton got zero points because he DNF.  Mercedes’ Toto Wolff says that Hamilton’s retirement was a failed clamp on the turbo plenum allowing pressure to leak.  He was having trouble with his car all weekend.

The heat and humidity and 23 turns on the circuit played a role in the evening.  Besides Button and Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Hulkenberg AND Romain Grosjean all ended up not finishing the race.

Someone else didn’t get to finish the race…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Bloxham/LAT/REX Shutterstock (5119087j) A fan walks on the track during the race causing a safety car period due to safety concerns. Singapore Formula One 1 Grand Prix, Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore - 20 Sep 2015.
Photo by Bloxham/LAT/REX Shutterstock (5119087j)

La-la-la-la… an intruder wandered onto the track during the race.  No one seems to know what was going on in this fellow’s thick head.


This much we know… he is 27 years old.  Name not divulged nor what drugs/alcohol/psychosis gripped him at that moment to take a stroll during a meteor shower of Formula 1 race cars in the heat of battle.

He casually saunters across the track.  Perhaps he was responding to a dare made by a girlfriend or inebriated buddy.  More as we learn it.  [/UPDATE]

We want to give Legendary Car Guy the opportunity for a victory lap as he correctly predicted Ferrari’s win.  He thanks his new soothsayer, Moonbeam Crater, for his improved prognostication.

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