Based on careful analysis of NFL quarterbacks and similarity to drivers, Legendary Car Guy makes his prediction for Austin’s Formula 1 race.   He has the winner to be the Tom Brady of F1…

This guy.

Wearing goggles allows the Legendary Car Guy to apply his intimate knowledge of the NFL to Formula 1 racing.  Plus he has family in Austin, Texas.

Despite an automatic ten-place grid penalty for exceeding number of engines for the season,  Sebastian Vettel will win.  To draw a clear association with America’s #1 sport, the NFL, Vettel is Tom Brady.  Tom Brady just missed being banished for the first four games of this season, but because he was cool, he wasn’t.  And he has won all season for the New England Patriots.


Tom Brady of New England Patriots who wins because he is talented, handsome and works for the Ferrari of the National Football League, that being New England Patriots.

Lewis Hamilton is more like Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts.  All the talent in the world.  Only difference is, Andrew Luck isn’t winning.  That’s because he gets zero protection and is sacked too much.  But if Hamilton didn’t have protection, i.e. fastest Mercedes car, he wouldn’t win either.   Tom Brady would beat Andrew Luck any day.

Nico is exactly like Phillip River of the San Diego Chargers or maybe Joe Flacco of the Ravens.  Check back to see updates on this post as the Legendary Car Guy meditates further.