AFAS artist Charles Maher has provided us a high res image of this spectacular painting of an Alfa Monza 8c 2600.  Download it to provide a vivid background to your computer, laptop or tablet.

There is more to know behind this picture…

Charles Maher is one of the longest-standing artists in the Automotive Fine Art Society (AFAS).  He is a masterful and dazzling artist who captures the quintessence of his subject.  Automotive-Art is honored to represent his art and make his artwork available.

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You can download this exceptional work of his in very high res as wallpaper for your computer or tablet: 2400 x 1475 px.  Click on HI-RES ALFA to access the image and then save it (like to your desktop).  In Windows or Mac:  you can make any saved picture your desktop background, by right-clicking the picture, and then click Set as Desktop Background.

The car is the legendary ALFA MONZA 8C 2600.  Because of Alfa Romeo’s challenging finances, the Alfa technology was applied to Scuderia Ferrari 8C Monzas.  The result was a consistent Grand Prix winner in the early 30s, and it’s best known driver was the legendary Caracciola.  He nick-named the car “Muletto”.  This translates as “forever reliable”.

If you would like to own a high quality art print of this Alfa Monza image – ready for framing – click below.