The scaly silver tentacle senses the mother ship as it rolls in. In a sinuous arc it descends to plunge itself into the gaping portal.

Ya gotta love Tesla… they want to make electric conduction exciting…

Tesla Motors just released a video showing their prototype robotic home charger attaching itself to a Model S. No human intervention.  This happens in your garage.

Of course, how useful is this until Elon Musk first perfects the electrically opening, self-closing charge port door. Imagine the portal automatically opening, and the tentacle automatically coupling… Why, you could be in the La-Z-Boy watching *Chris Harris on Cars* with a Pabst in hand by the time electrical copulation had begun!

Legendary Car Guy respectfully points out that gas pumps at your local “filling station” could be retrofitted for similar automated transmission of fossil fuels.  Your Ford Escape would beam its VIN number and the pump injector would make automatic adjustments.  On the other hand, we’re talking about companies like Shell and BP that specialize in crashing objects.  So maybe not.

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