Michael Brooks paints cars that have stolen his heart, and he wants to return the favor. He paints images of cars that stir the heart like a spectacular tropical sunset.

You will want to see how spectacular we mean…

Automotive Artist Michael Brooks paints Delahaye Saoutchik

“The stunning Delahaye Saoutchik Roadster at the Pebble Beach Concours”

Spectacular tropical sunsets was how Michael started his career. He did paintings of what he saw all around him as he grew up, tropical paradise. He grew up and lives in Jamaica.

Before he discovered his immense artistic talent, he got a degree in Physics. But the geometry and formulas of how the world works was not for him. So he taught himself to paint.

He discovered he loved to paint cars. Because they were so beautiful. He had inherited a love of cars from his grandfather – who owned cars of the thirties.

Now Automotive-Art is delighted to represent his work, including fine art prints and his originals.  Just look in our Michael Brooks Gallery.  Get ready to have your socks knocked off.

There is nothing abstract in his precise representational style.  You won’t get lost, except maybe in the intensity of the colors.

Michael is a young artist… should you consider collecting him?  What does it mean to collect an artist?  Besides the obvious, it means you want to particiipate in an artists’ evolution.  Accomplished artists don’t stay in one place – artistically speaking – for very long.  Get in on Michael Brooks.  Begin a collection while he is young and his impending fame is still so affordable!