Trailers are often better than the movies. They take the very best scenes and edit ’em together.  All we can say is if Mad Max: Fury Road is 10% as good as the trailer, it’s going to be as “mouth-dropping” as the first three in the Mad Max series.

I don’t think we’re gonna miss Mel Gibson. He has been replaced by actor Tom Hardy, who has no trouble looking dangerous and a second away from going deranged.

Like the original Mad Max flick (1979) and its two smash sequels, this one is directed by George Miller. At 70, he hasn’t lost a step. He shot this “old school” — meaning he didn’t rely on CG, he shot events that he staged to really happen, not that get composited in a digital editing suite.

The hellish catastrophe of the dystopian world Miller has created explodes from the screen.  Heck, there are 30 explosions in the trailer alone!  Watch the trailer… and you’ll be chirping to your colleagues and friends: “What a lovely day!”

It’s a car and truck movie to be sure… only they all get blown to smithereens!

Opening May 15.