We’re betting that the double world champion Fernando Alonzo will be spraying the champagne in Barcelona soon enough. As a Spaniard winning in his home circuit, it makes our bet all the more fitting! Some may scoff at our selection, after the McLaren team has failed to score a point in the first four races, and their cars having serious reliability issues.

But there is method to our madness….


While we’re betting Alonzo will win, that’s not the same as predicting he will. We’ll get to that in a moment.

This is Alonzo’s second tour with McLaren after five years with Ferrari, where he failed to land a third drivers’ title. Adding irony to the whole affair, the current dominant racer Lewis Hamilton won his first title with McLaren in 2008 right after Alonso left.

Here is why we are going to bet on Alonzo in Spain GP. With Lewis Hamilton winning so consistently, odds stand now at 1.50 for him to win in Barcelona. That’s how little return you get playing the favorite. Bet on the other Mercedes driver Rosberg, it gets a little better at 4.0 But bet on either McLaren driver, Alonso or Jenson Button and the pay off jettisons to over $250 on a dollar bet.  Now that’s a wager!!

These odds are as of April 30, 2015 according to online sportsbook *bwin* who claim to be world’s biggest.

Another good bet to make is to take any driver other than Hamilton to win, and as long as Lewis doesn’t win, you get $2.45 for a buck. In other words, you bet the field other than the favorite.

Fans have been complaining that this season is boring because of Mercedes dominance, and Hamilton’s performance in particular. Plus he looks so relaxed and confident out there. Automotive-Art has your antidote to boredom.


Forget betting on the winners! Here are a few other kinds of bets you can make:

  • Head to Head: bet that one driver finishes before another specific driver
  • Finishes the Race: bet on who finishes
  • Valtteri Bottas Podium Finish: self-explanatory
  • Winning margin

There even seems to be a bet you can make on the safety car, but we can’t find on Google what the bet is. It has odds posted, though!

If you go to a Formula 1 viewing party, and you have joined us in betting on Alonzo, that will automatically make you the most interesting person in the room!