The ultimate design director for Ferrari – Flavio Manzoni – has come up with a design for a spaceship. This is the guy credited with leading the design for LaFerrari, Ferrari FF and the F12Berlinetta. Of course it has spoilers, really great spoilers…


Looking at the pix, doesn’t this spaceship remind you of a sleek manta ray trolling the galaxies for action? Maybe it’s looking for a Klingon ship to race through a worm hole!

The LaFerrari hypercar design lurks in the outer fins, and inspires the front splitter.  Even the spaceship’s double hull seems inspired by Ferrari F1 thinking.

In an interview with Form Trends online magazine, Manzoni said his imagination was heavily influenced by Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Flash Gordon serials.  We don’t see those connections, but its silvery abstract form does remind us of some famous hood ornaments from a bygone era.



Who knows, this might be a glimpse into a terrestrial Ferrari in the near future.

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