Just the term “Hot Rod” or “Dragster” – sounds like you’re up to no good, don’t it?

So what if there’s a Cadillac CTS parked in your driveway. That doesn’t mean you only think inside a parking space, does it?

There are three kinds of car guys.  First group: car guys that admire Duesenberg, Ferrari, Pontiac Goat and Koenigsegg and everything monumental like that.  Second group: restless souls that revel in speed, smoking tires and noise.

The third kind of car guy is everyone else.  For everyone else, there is the inner mystery of any Audi or BMW.

The 2nd group is where we would find hot rodders and drag-racing fiends. What distinguishes the 2nd group is that they like the DIY opportunities of building – and probably racing – a car of their own creation.  It’s like a Lego fetish.  The first group of car guys are curators with refined taste.  The second group are creators, who slurp high octane originality and individuality and personal effort.

For 12 years, our gallery has been collecting some extraordinary prints of hot rods and dragsters.  To see them all, click on Hot Rod & Dragsters.  Let me whet your appetite with a spotlight on a few …


*Fired Up* by Kevin Beeson who as a Christian minister knows something about fiery demonic kingdoms


*Flamed Coupe* by Roger Hector – framed in your office, this will start conversations


*Foreign Body* We have this one print left by the hugely popular Chris Froggett, who appears to have departed for the afterlife


*Roddy’s Hot Rod* We only have one print each of any VanNortwick artwork…  Read his story!

Sanke & Mongoose by Todd Howe

*Snake & Mongoose* by Todd Howe – Autographed by the legendary drivers

At the top of this page is *Blue Roadster* by Harold Cleworth, who makes the hot rod at home in front of a dazzling graffiti-filled wall.

Hot rods and dragsters thrive on the last frontier of car-dom.  These prints celebrate the home-grown pioneers who never stopped playing!