Nobody likes going to a museum less than the Legendary Car Guy. But he ain’t going to miss this show starting May 3 in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is unveiling concept cars from the ’30s until today. The cars may not be actually parked there, but there will be plenty of show.

It’s called *Dream Cars*… a look at the concept car designs the top names in automotive history created… and created at least one of.

In this one exhibit are showcased the spectrum of cars that captured the imagination of car crazy nuts of every persuasion.  They’re like the pin-up models for car nuts. The show runs from May 3 to August something.

Imagine a show where Norman Timbs’ 1948 Buick Streamliner ‘Special’ fits right in.

You’ll marvel at the sensational work of Harley Earl as he unleashed his imagination at GM’s Motoramas. See how international motor shows savored the spaghetti of evolving design tastes.  You’ll enjoy tracing the trajectory of pioneering design from the early thirties to 2015.

Go to the Dream Cars website to learn more. Be sure to take the “Which Dream Car Are You” test. (No, you’re not too busy). Click on “Which Dream Car Are You” and answer all the questions.

I took the test and I turned out to be the *VOISIN C-25 AÉRODYNE*… because “You dress to the nines for dinner and could roll up to Highclere Castle at a moment’s notice and fit right in.”

Well, that’s me for sure in my pajamas.

Please take the test, and share your result on our facebook page under Comments. And go to the Indy show if you find yourself near Indianapolis (like at end of month for Indy 500, May 24).