Jonny Lieberman is the ultra-likable host of Motor Trend’s “Head 2 Head“. He is ready to tell you which hell-raising car is the most *bad ass* in 2015. It turns out to be between two American made cars. He puts you in the passenger seat on You Tube to share his joyful comparisons.

This video is must-see not just because it addresses a question that burns in the breast of every real man in America: what is the most bad-assed car you can buy today. But you get a real feel for the spirit of each car.

Old School vs. Digital Age

Inside the Tesla, Jonny explains how it gets 691 hp out of its dual motors and 4WD. That the car has a setting for “INSANE” mode makes him giddy. Click below to see how a typical nuclear family handles “INSANE” mode.

Jonny marvels at the fact that the car constantly and surreptitiously updates itself like a Windows operating system. He is thrilled by its instantaneous acceleration… that is so quiet, all you hear are “science fiction noises”.

He points out how the Tesla’s serenity upon explosive acceleration is so much better received by awed drivers and pedestrians than the tumult generated by the Charger Hellcat. He describes this noise as the sound of an “angry drunken cannonball.” Or is he saying “cannibal” – I’m not sure?  At any rate, the Hellcat can rile some folks when it’s unwinding itself.  He also describes the 707 hp dragon stomping beneath the surging hood as sounding “like a volcano arguing with itself.”

These are great lines, Jonny!

Spoiler Alert: while the Tesla wins on the 1/4 mile he stages, Jonny has to give the Hellcat the advantage based on the “giggle” factor. When you’re driving the Hellcat, “all you can do is giggle.”  Watch the video, you’ll love it, sez Legendary Car Guy.