When cars start to look like what we saw in Bladerunner and Tron movies, did you think the insignia on the vehicle would be the familiar Chevy bowtie? Maybe you or your grandchildren will be scooting around in a Malibu XRTZ-W. Chevrolet is showing you their vision of future motoring at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Chevrolet is showcasing their FNR concept car, a fully autonomous, electric vehicle with features that will satisfy your  wildest imagination.

It has crystal laser headlights and taillights, dragonfly dual swing doors, and magnetic hubless wheel electric motors. Most amazingly, it offers a wireless auto-charge system. See images below!

Sensors and roof-mounted radar will map out the environment to enable driverless operation. In self-driving mode, the front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats, for chatting or playing board games. To switch to manual mode, only takes a wave… (or maybe a wild hysterical gesture, if it doesn’t work right.)

Generations away? Or one decade away? What do you think? Will you be driving a Chevy like this in 2029?  Comment on our facebook page.

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