You don’t have one of our *longtime guy* Danny’s extremely well made lighted car-themed clocks. Legendary Car Guy would like to change that.

They say a watch these days is more jewelry than instrument. Danny’s garage clocks are both art and function.



As of late 2014, 90 percent of Americans have a cellphone, according to the Pew Research Center. I’m guessing at least another 5% have “people” (butlers) who have cellphones at the ready, leaving only 2% who really don’t have a cellphone. Bless those hippies who just can’t get enough off the grid!

A study by, says over 78% Americans own a watch but less than half are currently wearing a watch. If we want to know what time it is, we look to our watch and cell phone about same amount of time (~37%). Looking at a clock accounts for another 21%.  Asking your fellow human beings for the time is zero percent.

Here is what we conclude.  You have a den or a garage you spend time in.  You love cars and other petrolhead objects of desire.  You have a vague need to know what time it is.  Maybe because you said you would pick up your wife around 11:25 am from the dentist; maybe because the boss wants to meet you at Chipolte at 1:00; maybe because cocktail hour starts at 5 pm.

You need one of these clocks to know what time it is.

Legendary Car Guy has been selling and promoting Danny’s clocks since he invented them 10 years ago.

Everyone loves these brightly illuminated clocks – they look vintage belonging to the garages and gas stations of an earlier age!  The full color image is brilliantly backlit by a powerful fluorescent lamp.  Perfect for anyone who loves cars, racing or vintage decor.

Dimensions: 14 inch diameter x 4 inch depth  Weight: 5 lbs

  • High Quality, Scratch Resistant Lexan Lens with ABS Plastic Housing
  • Accurate Quartz Movement – runs on AA battery (not included)
  • Economical 22 Watt Fluorescent Backlight plugs into standard outlet and has on/off switch
  • Made in USA with 1 year warranty
  • Ships FREE within USA

Every customer has loved them – based on real-life testimonials.

“I love my clock.  It really made my kitchen come alive!”  “My husband’s garage really looks like a garage now.”  “I put it in my reception room, and gets lots of comments… I’m a dentist so that’s cool.”

Please look over Danny’s made in the USA clocks.  You cannot get them for less anywhere else, and nowhere else with more care.