First there comes Airbnb for travelers with hotel lobby phobia. Now an online service to find Garage Space!

Why didn’t you think of that!

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Easy & more secure way to find available garage space for your precious cars.

So many services have become economically feasible to offer with the rapid advance of the Internet. Your home resets temperature while you taxi to the gate… summon a driver on Uber… expect an empty laundry detergent bottles to notify Amazon you need more by tomorrow…  Airbnb… and so forth.

GaragePointer is a new service that matches car collectors seeking space to store their collectible cars with those who have the garage space to offer. Potential garage renter connects with owners of vacant garage space.

  • Americans with surplus parking are matched with neighbors in need of safe and convenient places to keep a vehicle, either short or long term.
  • Car collectors, enthusiasts or those who just care about their vehicles can now find neighborhood storage space with home owners who have unused or under-utilized garage space.

According to Hemmings, the idea started with Donald Osborne, host of Assess & Caress on Jay Leno’s Garage. Quoth Mr. Osborne…

“Why isn’t there an Airbnb for collector cars,” Donald wondered, and an idea for the first peer-to-peer garage rental service was born.

Think of all the needs this service might address.  Need temporary storage for a classic scheduled for a concours event half way across the continent? Need more permanent storage, with special power requirements?  Your family just doubled when the in-laws moved in… their stuff is headed toward where the Mercury Marquis is resting comfortably.

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This idea of arranging storage is part of a national tsunami of demand.  Think of all the temporary storage places that have sprung up a dozen at a time in all but the tiniest of hamlets. America is the land of plenty and there is a need to store the *plenty.*

Like Airbnb, both parties are vetted prior to acceptance into the program, and parties to the transactions are rated after each and every rental. So those who are square shooters will get more highly rated; and repeat offenders will be dropped.

Whether renter or rentee, it costs $20 to register for the service. Car owners can evaluate the different spaces within a vicinity based on a detailed description, photos of qualified spaces and proposed monthly fees.

Goofy idea?  According to GaragePointer,  over 50% of all residential garages in the US are not being used to store cars.  And a lack of storage is one of the leading reasons people cite for selling their collector cars.

Those wishing to make their garages more appealing – whether renting or not – should check out our Vintage Garage Clocks and Vintage Garage Signs.