You have not seen the stupidest car race in the world … YET!  But we will fix that with video from The Train of Death in Varney, Ontario.  Link a mule team of 3 stock cars together and race against similarly tethered teams.

Wow, it’s stupid, it’s Spartacus… but murderous fun to watch!

Here are the rules for Three-Car-Train-of-Death Racing: three cars are towed together with three foot chains. 1st car has steering and big engine, 2nd and 3rd car only have brakes and steering. Teams actually race against other similarly shackled competitors on a quarter mile oval track.

The track is in Varney, Ontario.  Go to Toronto and head Northwest and stop before you hit Lake Huron.

What could go wrong here?

For this story, thanks to Mike Thies and Southeast Wheels Events – the ultimate calendar of car & motorcycle events in the Southeast US.  Although this story takes place in Canada.  Also home to the world’s biggest lawn chair.