We have been working on creating the Ultimate List of warning signs that someone is a diehard car guy.

Here is our latest update.

Let’s start with our last list of signs to identify those exceptional people exceptionally captivated with a passion for cars.

EXISTING LIST:  You just might be a diehard car guy …

If you’ve read your car’s driver manual with a highlight pen.

If you can pronounce Meguiars correctly.

If your online “user name” is  based on an Italian or Swedish super car.  Or a muscle car.

If you think scantily clad car show models only get in the way of your shot.

If you can actually find something to read in the dentist’s office.

If you can identify every car that appeared in Scarface. [despite the constant distractions of violence, sex & drug use]

ADDITIONS: You just might be a diehard car guy …

If you can still find the keys to your glove compartment.

If you never say what an engine’s horsepower is without stating its torque.

If even after watching Clint Eastwood’s movie Gran Torino TWICE!, you still think it was about a car.  [thanks to Road & Track]

If somebody mentions Jay Leno and your first thought is “what a garage!”  You’re not sure what a monologue is.

If you enjoy walking through parking lots.

If for every event in your life, you can accurately pinpoint what vehicle you owned at the time.  [This includes first time you used a credit card]

We invite – no, we even beg you to add to our list of criteria that identify someone as a serious car guy.  Just add your comment to this post on our Facebook Page.