Zombies Attacking!  You need help to transform them into interesting and engaging humans.

The right signs will convert every visitor into a wonderful and grateful guest!

V880 - keep_calm18x12

At, we have a brilliant range of metal signs to transform any dead-eyed zombie entering your house or den!  Our signs transform them into interesting neighbors and friends.

Eliminate the stupor of visitors and relatives who have seen it all and give them a zest for life!  When they say “what’s up?”  show ’em what’s up!

We asked our Samurai of Signs – “Dr. Shin” – to tantalize you with four of his favorites.

Bettie Page Hot Rod Garage Sign

Who doesn’t love Bettie Page?!?  In our signage department, we are robust with pin-ups signs.

Drink Beer Bar Sign

Preach the virtues of wetting your whistle in the comfort of your own home.  “Honey I’m home!” indeed!  Check out our metal invocations to a liquid diet.

US License Plates Map

Here is a conversation starter, especially when a visitor recognizes his or her state and its iconic license plate.

Air Force metal parking sign

We proudly present signs are patriotic and supportive of the protection provided by our military.  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  See all our armed forces inspired signs.  Don’t see your branch, email us!

Corvette Convertible Garage Sign

Own a ‘Vette?  This is a must-have.  And it’s big and it’s 3-D.  See our other vitally important garage signs.

Dr. Shin invites you to see all our high quality garage and retro signs.  Put one of our signs in your den, office, garage or – be a design powerhouse: your kitchen!  Anyone who walks in, will not be stilted and strange, but happy.