If art class lectures included this kind of art, we might have even shown up!  Swiss photographer/artist spends months creating “an exploded” view of iconic cars like you never imagined.

He won’t leave the real world in one piece…

Should you find yourself reading about modern art, you might well read about “deconstructionism”.  When art critics and lecturers talk about “deconstructionism,” we’re damn sure they didn’t have Swiss photographer/artist Fabian Oefner in mind.

“Disintegrating Series” is a suite of photographs of high performance cars that appear to have blown apart. Blown apart in a way that controls the blast so you can savor the instant, and take in the revelation of the car’s thousands of intricate parts.

Hey, a picture is worth a thousand words, so look at these pix!  These are cars coming apart at the seams and revealing the symphony of parts and components from which they are made…

Automotive-Art from “Disintegrating Series”


So what you’re looking at is a mind-numbing commitment of time and obsessive attention to detail to create each composite image out of thousands of individual images.  For what reason?  The artist conjures from his imagination an exhilarating image and – hold on to your pants –  it exposes the “innards” of these high performance cars.

“What looks like a car falling apart is in fact a moment in time that has been created artificially by blending over 2,000 individual images together,” Oefner wrote on his website. “There is a unique pleasure about artificially building a moment… Freezing a moment in time is stupefying.”

The video below reveals the artist`s process…

Fabian Oefner started this Disintegrating series in 2013.  The first round of work is on display in M.A.D Gallery in Dubai.

This methodology is related to the cinematic approach taken by the Silver Arrows Project, which we offer on our site.  That series was conceived by a creative team armed with the latest techniques and technology of Hollywood. Each piece is a major production requiring storyboards, modeling, casting, hi-def photography and advanced CGI technology. Breathtaking detail captures the most dramatic moments of the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow racing heritage.