Automotive-Art was founded in 2002 to serve the curiosity and passions of automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts.

A good guy named Michael Knab created Legacy Motors Automotive Art Gallery in 2002. Along the way, the name was changed to Automotive-Art to reflect the fact there’s beauty in being a car guy or bike rider.

“It’s a beauty” we say when we see a car or bike we love. It’s art we relate to.

Our range includes classic cars, race cars and motorsports, sports cars and super cars. Vintage, muscle, contemporary classics and concept. In motorcycles, classic roadsters, cruisers and cafe racers.

Car culture is more than car shows, design specs and race results. It’s about the qualities and achievement that car guys admire. So we also delve into Fashion. Precision Models. Adventures. Personal technology.  Decor for the garage and den.

So we discover and sell products we think you’ll find cool and would get a MAJOR KICK out of owning.

Automotive-Art is to be foremost good-natured, entertaining and honest. If we’re not, .

Thanks for reading!