Artist Michael Brooks has painted Valentino Rossi in the heat of battle.  Experience him more intensely than ever through a video strream.

This is the defining picture of the MotoGP legend…

This authentic fine-art painting “The Doctor – Valentino Rossi” is a heart-stopping thrill.

Valentino Rossi is used to stopping some hearts… maybe the rider in front of him who is squarely in his sights.  Or the rider who has just succumbed to the duel.  Certainly heart-stopping emotion fills the tens of thousands in the stands and the millions riveted by their TV.

Valentino Rossi MotoGP by Michael Brooks

Limited Edition Prints now available of “The Doctor – Valentino Rossi” by Michael Brooks

To get details and consider purchase of one of only 50 prints – each a gallery quality giclee print on canvas – click on “The Doctor – Valentino Rossi”.  These are big prints 3 feet in width, individually reproduced.  We’re not sure the artist could tell the difference between one of these prints and his original.

What good luck that artist Michael Brooks has developed a deep passion for MotoGP over the past few years.  That passion burns through this image.  He even created a video of the painting, click on Valentino Rossi – the painting. actually offers several prints that honor this icon of motorcycle racing.  Look at our Motorcycle Racing Gallery.