For a guy who spends all his time in the back of a 757 and a stretch limo, the Donald’s collection of cars isn’t that lame.

But really, you could do better…

If you had $10 billion in assets, we’re guessing you would do things differently than Donald Trump.  You would slash housing expenses 90% at least.  For example, you would reduce the 3 level penthouse in Trump Tower to 1 level.  Maybe even to half a floor as empty nesters.  You would get rid of those baronial country estates.  Lose the helicopter and if there is a personal submarine, lose that too.

This would put you in position with a bit more flexibility for cars and motorcycles.  You could get on the Ferrari special list that includes Pavarotti and George Foreman.  You could phone in winning bids to Barrett-Jackson from a Denny’s restaurant!

Still Mr. Trump has not done poorly with his choices of vehicles, given the meager percentage left over from other extravagant pleasures. Here is what we have learned so far of his collection.

He has of course Rolls-Royce(s).  He has been seen driving himself in a 2015 Phantom.

Donald Trump’s Car Collection

Trump driving himself in a Rolls-Royce Phantom.  Could look happier.

In 2005, Mr. Trump had a Mercedes-Benz SLR supercar delivered in front of Trump Tower for his wife.  Over 600 hp, perfect for ripping over to Long Island.

donald trump mercedes benz SLR

Allegedly this is the actual Mercedes-Benz SLR Trump bought.  It was delivered with a red ribbon bow.

It has been reported he also owns a Bentley Continental GT, a Maybach and a Mercedes-Benz S 600.   But that just seems redundant.

Nothing beats his Orange County Chopper Trump Bike.  Nothing! The filigree is 24K gold.  It is stamped Trump.  It is a chopper that will look awesome cruising on 5th Avenue.

Donald Trump Orange County Chopper Bike

Donald Trump showed his wild side again with the 1997 Lamborghini Diablo. Modern, aggressive, radical and striking.  Painted in an electrifying Le Mans Blue. Only 200 VT Roadsters were built, so it’s rare. It has all-wheel drive and a mighty 5.2-liter V12 engine good for 492 horsepower.  BTW, it’s for sale.


Lamborghini Blue Diablo being sold by Donald Trump.  Not presidential?

We talk about cars we own as if they reflect our personalities.  And perhaps they do.  If you were Secretary of Cars & Bikes, what car or motorcycle would you recommend to Donald Trump that he buy next?