Here is what serious collectors post about EMC scale models on the leading 1:43 scale forum Forum 43.

“At this moment I feel bad I just didn’t buy EMC … as they were extremely detailed and extremely beautiful.”

“… are amazing in their detail and quality even down to those carefully crafted headlight lenses.”

“I usually buy an EMC as soon as released … and have never regretted it.”  AND FINALLY…

“I’m convinced EMC is the absolute peak of 1/43 scale cars.  There are some astonishing hand built models out there but they are so expensive as to be unavailable to most collectors. EMC’s perfection of scale, detail and assembly is on par with any … EMC models are not cheap but they are available and the satisfaction of owning them is well worth the sacrifice.” is proud to now offer EMC models in precision 1:43 scale.  Their models are always among the most sought after.

We now proudly offer two EMC model subjects:

  1.  ALFA ROMEO GC 1750 GS from 1933  Click Here

Choose among three variants:

  • original version white on black
  • blue on blue 70s restoration version
  • black on white version that won the 2012 Concorso Villa d’Este


Black on White version that won the Concorso Villa d’Este

2. FIAT 8V SUPERSONIC GHIA from 1953  Click Here

Choose between two variants: a) original red version as it debuted to the acclaim and surprise of the automotive world at the 1953 Paris Show or b) black restoration version.

1953 Fiat 8V Supersonic Ghia by EMC

Red version with spoke wheels as debuted at 1953 Paris Show

We invite you to the quest for perfection behind every EMC model.