Chrysler’s *Forward Look* was the disruptive car design concept of the 50’s.

Want to see what those designers had in mind for the 60s??

In 1957 Chrysler introduced “The Forward Look,” a line of tail-finned automobiles that catapulted car design from the cautious early 50s designs to blast into a space-aged future.  Talk about paradigm shift… Chrysler hit the gas!

Where was Chrysler’s “Forward Look” headed after it disrupted all of American car design in late 50s?  An original member of Virgil Exner’s revolutionary design team has released his concept sketches.

And we have made limited edition prints of them.  These are blueprints of MOPAR creativity that were ready for take off.

The designer is Gordon Davis, who was hired in 1955 by Exner to join his skunkworks team at work on The Forward Look.  Davis was all of 20 years old.  When he left a few years later, he had the foresight to take his sketches with him.  Good thing, otherwise history would have been buried.  Click on GORDON DAVIS to see the prints we have made available.

Some of the concept designs Davis conceived are found in cars that were actually produced.  For example, Exner got Chrysler to make his XNR (XNR = Exner).  Compare the following images.

Gordon Davis Chrysler 300 Concept

Gordon Davis design from mid-1957, available as a high quality print … compare to …

XNR by Virgil Exner or Gordon Davis?

Exner’s XNR created 3 years later – striking similarity!! Click to read about in MOPARwiki

A sketch Gordon Davis drew in January 1959 also prefigures the Corvette Stingray...

Gordon Davis Corvette Stingray Concept

Images of brilliantly conceived concept cars – like those of Gordon Davis – are great art.  They define the frontiers of car design for each epoch.  In the fifties, those frontiers were incredibly bold and fascinating.  Imagine them framed next to where you sit and ruminate.

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