Concept artist Khyzyl Saleem takes today’s exotics and makes them even more ultra and wild!

He likes to give reality a little push…

Self-driving cars.  1200 hp Toyota Corollas.  Cars powered by lima beans.  All of this is coming.  But how cool will the cars look?

Khyzyl Saleem isn’t waiting around to find out.  He is a 22 year old concept artist based in Guildford, United Kingdom – currently working at EA’s *Criterion Games* studio.  Khyzyl has a vivid  imagination, a passion for exotic cars… and a Da Vinci mastery of rendering software.

Apparently, he creates a lot of these renders during his lunch breaks.  To paraphrase the famous line from When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what he’s having.”

Here are some samples of his work…

khyzyl-saleem-automotive art

Huratach “Chunky Bull. Huracan taillights work pretty well.”


Simplicity “Something a little different done on today’s lunch.”


Tesla R45 “Tesla doesn’t really have any “supercar” shaped vehicles, so I wanted to try imagine what one could look like.”


B33TLE17K “Old Volkswagen Beetle x Porsche 917k. I dunno, I just thought it would be cool.”


Sci-Fi AMG GT “Sci-fi esque AMG GT, using parts from existing concepts made over a couple lunch times.”

To see more of his digital sorcery, click on Khyzyl Saleem.  Thanks to Car Throttle for tipping us off about him!