… Or we should say, he discovered us.  There are a few serious collectors who are serious photographers, and Ebi Khazaei is one of them.

Talent and devotion like this adds new dimension to diecast models …

Since almost the very beginning of the Diecast Zone which we founded in 1995, a New Jersey man named Rich Sufficool dazzled his fellow collectors with posts of pioneering scale model photography.  The pix were amazingly superior to what the model-makers could produce themselves.  In fact, if you go to Forum 18, right now, Rich is leading an exchange of photography posts featuring Ferrari scale models in 1:18 scale.

Recently we got an email from an Iranian collector inviting us to see some of his photography.  We loved it.  Listen to his own words, as he introduces himself…

My name is Ebi (Abraham) Khazaei I am software engineer from Persia (Iran).  I am 40 years old.

Ever since I was kid I was in love with cars and motorsport.

Diecast Models 1:18 Scale

Le Mans racers from AutoArt  (from left to right Aston Martin Lola, Mazda 787, Nissan GTR and Bentley Speed 8)

When I was a child I have toy cars.  But my first real model was a Dodge Viper I had for my 20th birthday present.  That was my only decent model car until 2005 when I bought my first model car: a Mustang from AutoArt and since then I have collected models in precision scale of 1:18 and today I nearly have 200 model car in my collection.

I like mostly racing car and super sport car.  My favorite car maker is Porsche and my dream car is Ferrari F40 ever since I first saw it when I was child.  (See Ferrari F40 by Kyosho headlining this post)

Another hobby I have is photography and when I started to collect I started to take photo from my model cars.

Mercedes Sauber C9 Kouros 18 scale by Exoto

Mercedes Sauber C9 Kouros by Exoto

At first I just take picture for myself but about 5 years ago I start to share my pictures in collector community like diecastxchange and social network like Facebook and Flicker and 2 years ago I start my web site

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black by Frontiart

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black by Frontiart

I shoot mostly indoor with controlled light.  Because I don’t have studio and shoot in my home every time I want to take picture I need to set up a light and stage and so on. Usually I take 20 to 30 shots every time to choose best result and then I have to composite it for background which takes about 3 to 5 hours.  I can say every photo take about 10 hours to get final result.

Ferrari 312P 1:18 scale by CMC

Ferrari 312P by CMC

I collaborate with local model shop and I design their website and take photo for theme in my free time.

“Khoshbakhtam!” از ملاقات شما خوشبختم  (Nice to meet you!)

And that is how Ebi describes the what… why… and how of his passion for scale model photography.  In addition to his website, you can see more of Ebi’s photography at his Flicker Page.

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