The White House is gilded enough that Donald Trump may feel quite at home when he gets there. There is gold and filigree and ornate framing of art. The decor wears the mantel of history.

Presidents get to select or influence which art adorns the 132 rooms.  That’s where we come in…

Barack and Michelle Obama got to choose 45 paintings, so in the spirit of public service, we wish to offer Donald a few suggestions to jazz things up.  How about we lose a few of the old guys peering out of dark backgrounds and scenes from our distant past.  How about some automotive art we’ll donate from our gallery!

Let’s start with the Oval Office.

Here it is in 2016…

Pre Trump Oval Office in White House

And now a suggested revitalization of the Oval Office; see how we replace the pix with some classic car art!

Current version of Oval Office

Trump Version of Oval Office II
*California Pit Stop* by Ken Eberts – click on image
Trump version of Oval Office Automotive Art
“Memories” by Bill Motta – click on image

White House Green Room Pre Trump

In the “Green Room” Obama reflects on colonial times, which can be somber. Below is how to elevate the mood in the room! Add the sizzle of Ferrari…

Trump Green Room White House with Ferrari pix

“Blue GTO” by Charles Maher – click on image for close up

Pre Trump White House State Dining

This is where official State Dining takes place pre-Trump era.  Below might be how it looks when Donald sits at head of table.

automotive art in State Dining Room White House

“Yellow Chrome” by Dave Wendel – click on image above to see the art

Obama has drawn inspiration from the Oval Office portrait of our 16th president.

Pre Trump White House Oval Office - Lincoln

Trump Version of Oval Office

Trump may prefer inspiration from the Ford Mustang.  Click on image to see close up of “Mustang” by Tom Hale.

This is how John F. Kennedy saw the Red Room at the White House… (that’s Harry Truman’s portrait)

Red Room White House before Trump

Post Trump Red Room in White House

Here is the Red Room after some tasteful picture swapping.  Click on image to see close up of “Delahaye Torpedo Roadster” by Michael Brooks.

President-Elect Trump has declared he will change the culture and flavor of political institutions in Washington, DC.  We trust these chrome-plated suggestions will prove helpful!  Note that all these replacement artworks are available on