In America, probably elsewhere, garages are really storage spaces for so much other than our cars. They pack in all the inventory of our lives that won’t fit into the house.

But what if a garage were engineered to optimize its original purpose? Like housing a car!


Introducing the *Gazebox* from an Italian engineering firm MIKEA Engineering located in the bucolic mountains just east of Rome.

The Gazebox is a gazebo, carport, and a garage in the form of a foldable cover system.  The range of design options are very stylish… after all it’s made in Italy.

The special anti UV polycarbonate panels protect the car from sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, beasts and birds.  Even vandalism. The Gazebox does not retain heat.  Legendary Car Guy gives it his Big Dummy certification because it looks easy to install because it is removable with quick anchorage to the ground.  It shouldn’t require any special permits except in Chicago (ha, ha).


The framework is made of treated iron.  So while the box is movable, it’s got a substantial and I suspect nimble spine.

The Gazebox comes standard with LED lights changed with a remote control, and plenty of other
options such as an aerator, theft alarm, solar panels and an air conditioner.

For a little more fun, there is a hail and rain detector, solar panels and a compact vacuum cleaner.

Click on GAZEBOX to see how you might own one and formally repurpose the garage in your home.