So Porsche Design has created ultra luxury residential tower that actually has been built!  Guess where they located the parking garage!

You’re right… you park your Porsche in your apartment!

The 60-story Porsche Design Tower is now open for business at Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach.  It’s truly the very best of everything and then there is this… the 132 oceanfront residents get use of a robotic parking garage that holds over 280 cars.

Porsche Design Now Available in High Rise Tower

Elevate your Porsche to living room status

While Porsche has been raking it in building luxury cars and making beaucoup money at it, the company has entered into luxury architecture.  The exterior of the black cylindrical Porsche Design Tower was designed by Sieger Suarez Architects – you can see their other chic work by clicking on Sieger Suarez.  Meanwhile Porsche Design did the interiors.  Click on Porsche Design to see what the majority-owned subsidiary normally confines its efforts to.

Dollies that cost $1 million per elevator can lift 8,000 pounds and zoom upward at 800 feet per minute while a turntable spins the car around for delivery at the condo.  And to take them back downstairs for a little South Beach action.

The cheapest of the tower’s 132 condos is offered at $6 million. A four-bedroom penthouse is still on the market for $32 million. It can accommodate 11 cars, seven of them in a museum-like gallery.  Now that’s for you!

Here is the video…

While debating whether moving to Miami to live here, consider artwork of Porsche for the walls.  It’s by the world’s greatest automotive artists.  Click on Porsche Prints to see what you can get your hands on right now!