Everyone into motorbike racing knows by now, MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden died on May 22 at 35.  He was struck by a car while bicycling in Italy and never recovered from the injury.

Artist Tim Berry captured him years ago…

Nicky Hayden 2006 MotoGP Champ Automotive-Art

Print by Tim Berry, autographed by Nicky Hayden

One of our artists, Tim Berry, has specialized in painting the stars of MotoGP at their most thrilling.  He did one of #69, and Hayden autographed the limited edition prints.  Of the 169 prints autographed by Nicky Hayden, we have three left at the time I am writing this.  Click on Nicky Hayden Art Print.

Nicky was called “The Kentucky Kid” undoubtedly because he was born in Kentucky.  And “kid” because he had an unshakeable boyish grin that fueled his global popularity.  Of course, he is also the winner of the 2006 MotoGP Championship. He broke Valentino Rossi‘s five year consecutive streak.   To get a look at his lifetime, click on Wikipedia: Nicky Hayden.

Nicky Hayden MotoGP Champ


Click on Nicky Hayden Report to get a moving accounting of this tragedy story from the UK’s Independent newspaper.   The reporters don’t miss the irony that he was killed while cycling while he was used to going 200 mph, kissing the earth.

Click on Tim Berry Motorbike Racing to see his artwork of more superstars from motorbike racing.