Michael Brooks is one of the artists we represent.  Besides legendary cars, he paints images of natural splendor, from panoramas of paradise to fruits reposing in a market stall.

See the horsepower in talent this young artist is packing…

The painting we show here is entitled “Market Still Life.”  It is not a photograph.  It is not conjured from Photoshop digital manipulation.  It is a painting done the way the masters created their masterpieces.  He used brush and canvas.

I actually own the original.  There is a reason I’m showing it to you:  so you get an idea of his mastery when you consider buying one of his automotive art prints.

Below is a video Michael Brooks created to show you how he painted this piece.  He reduces two weeks of work to under 10 minutes.

His realistic style fascinates more than any photograph.  You’ll be knocked over by the saturation of color and composition and perspective.  Check out the Delahayes, the Corvette, Alfa-Romeo, Ferrari and more in our Michael Brook gallery.

As a young artist, now is the time to purchase one of his giclee prints.  Or feel free to inquire about an original or a commission.  Just leave a message on our chat line in the bottom right.