To find a website that might interest a car guy like you, you go to Google and peck around for an hour or so until you find yourself on page 13.  And you’re thinking of clicking on an article about hedgehog mating.

Well, wait a second!  We have compiled a guide to websites buried in Google that car guys would like to find.

Free Car Guide to Websites Buried in Google

You’re welcome!

It’s not that we all haven’t been told or been emailed about cool car guy websites over the years. But who has written down the input, and anyway plenty of them have probably closed.  But to actually put together a compendium is a whole ‘nuther kettle of fish.

You would begin by emailing everyone you know to contribute some sites; and then harass them three more times before giving up.  And then you yourself start putting keywords into Google and find yourself on lots of page 13s.  On the way to the outer orbits of the web.

So having either run across the sites ourselves or sweated out our friends and colleagues, we – at have identified 33 websites car guys should find useful or entertaining and maybe both.

You’ll get the answers to…

  • Hey y’all, I’m in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia – what car shows or cruises are coming up?
  • What did the 1923 Haynes 55 Sport Sedan look like?
  • Who said what and when about the introduction of Formula III?
  • I want to seriously rap with other Impala owners and fervent collectors.
  • What’s the latest a 1969 Datsun Z has gone for at auction?
  • Hey y’all, I’m in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia – where’s the closest car museum?
  • I’ve hit the wall on reality shows based on a stressed out gaggle of garage mechanics facing an insurmountable deadline.  What else is on?
  • And much, much more…

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It’s free, but don’t just take, give!  We are going to keep this list updated:  YOU can help by sharing with us worthwhile Car Guy websites you have personally encountered and found useful or entertaining or both!  Email us at