1910 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Balloon Car by Ilario in 1:43 scale.

CHOOSE between two versions: original red livery with black accents with top up or … in its current livery purple & black with top down.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1910 Balloon Car

Pictured version: original livery, top up

1910 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Balloon Car

Pictured version: current livery, top down

“Certainly one of the miniatures of the most complex and detailed that I have produced to date!” Ilario

Balloon Car 1910 Rolls-Royce

Pictured version: original livery, top up

1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Pictured version: current livery, top down

Charles Stewart Rolls is the Rolls as in Rolls-Royce.  Did you know he was also a pioneer aviator?  In 1906, he took part in a balloon race  in Massachusetts and then proceeded to make over 170 balloon ascents.  He won a prestigious award for the longest single flight time in 1903.

For his balloon expeditions, Rolls had a Silver Ghost outfitted to carry the basket of the balloon (or “car”). On the Ghost chassis, he had coachbuilders H.J. Mulliner construct a roadster with a long platform behind the seats, where the car could be loaded at the conclusion of a flight for return to its base. The rear fenders were of patent leather, flexible so that the loading of the basket would leave no damage.

Charles Rolls’ original *Balloon Car* was lost eons ago.

Millard Newman, great aficionado of the brand, commissioned Wilkinson & Sons of Derby, England to perform two replicas of the famous car.  The first metal gray color on frame no. 1592 was sold to the famous Harrah Collection.  Newman kept no. 1513 for himself.  Later he sold to S. Prestley Blake who in 1991, sold it to celebrated RR collector, Richard Solove, who retained it until 2011.

Whereupon it fetched a lofty $484,000.

Ilario 1:43 Rolls-Royce scale model

Modeled by Ilario in precision resin-cast with presentation display base and cover

Ilario’s replica shows off the the long platform at the rear, where Charles Rolls would have mounted the balloon basket for retrieval, and its unusual steeply-raked windshield. There’s a rumble seat on the platform to accommodate occasional extra passengers.  The upper section of the front seat has a swank cane-work appliqué. The seating was upholstered in beige leather.

Ilario is limiting the edition of each version to 100 worldwide.

Car used by Rolls to cart his aviation balloon around in

Choose this one or…


… as sold in Monterey in 2011 for almost half a million.

Balloon car Top down in current livery

… or this version in its current livery.

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