AC/Shelby Cobra 427 (1966)

Hand drawn schematic of AC/Shelby Cobra 427 (1966)

Choice of size:  Medium 26 x 21.25 in. for $125   Large (25% scale) 52 x 36 in. for $450

We asked the artist Tony Cairoli to comment about the subject car. It makes the making of this extraordinary hand-drawn schematic all the more remarkable…

“I wanted to draw a factory race car, possibly Ken Miles or Dan Gurney’s car. There was so much development twists going on that it was tough to decipher it all decades later.  This much we know: Carroll Shelby had to build 100 427 cars for homologation  for the FIA.  Only 51 race cars were built at the time of inspection so they had 51 amazing race cars that weren’t approved to race.  As you can imagine, there was a struggle to sell the 51 uncertified race cars, so Shelby ordered the remaining race cars converted to road cars. They called these S/C or semi competition.  What I did is convert an S/C into a clubman race car. The seat passenger seat was removed,  moved the roll bar bracing forward,  relocated the battery for easy access, the large windscreen got replaced by a smaller one.  I was drawing a basic racing sports car. It took a while to get the frame and body shape right.  As with the Ferrari my P3 412p, this was a very controversial car to do.   There was a shortage of 427 side oiler engines for racing so they used the 390, also they  used a 428 engine in the street version which was less powerful but still called a 427. There were less than 1000 Cobras made including the 260, 289 , and 427.  At the time, Ford wanted Shelby to take over the GT 40 project and one of the conditions is that Shelby stopped screwing around with the Cobra. The Cobras at that time were beating the GT 40.”

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    Tony Cairoli

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    Race Cars & Racing

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    Shelby Cobra

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