1936 Bugatti T57S Atlantic Coupe Model by Ilario

1936 Bugatti 57S Atlantic in 1955 configuration sn57473 [shown is 1:43 scale]


This blue version is as the car existed at the moment of the crash in 1955; and as it has been restored today.


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Ilario Bugatti 57S Atlantic 1936 sn57473 Current and 1955 Car

Photographed above is the Ilario model in the larger 1:18 scale

This is the first Bugatti Atlantic Ilario has modeled.  He has chosen the 1936 Bugatti 57S Atlantic in its current configuration.  Its serial number 57473 is that of the Bugatti 57S famously known for having been hit by a train at a railroad crossing in a quiet French countryside in 1955.

The following summary presents excerpts from the restorer Paul Russell & Company.

This is the third of four Atlantic coupes built by Jean Bugatti.  It is uniquely different from the other Atlantics as it was restyled soon after it was built by renowned coachbuilder Joseph Figoni.  Figoni had his own singular ideas about flowing surfaces and shape.

The first owners beheld their car as black with a light beige pigskin interior.  After changing hands and color several times, the car was purchased in 1952 by René Chatard.  Driving with a female companion in France,  the two were killed by a train in 1955.  The car remains were recovered in 1965 and lead to a succession of owners who threw themselves into its restoration.

This model presents the legendary Bugatti as the car existed at the moment of the accident.  Despite differences in photography, the enticing blue color is the same at either scale.

Assembled model is presented on a wood / leather base with a photo-etched presentation plate and bell showcase. Comes in a sturdy collector cardboard box.  Fully assembled and painted by hand by craftsmen.

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