"The Doctor" Valentino Rossi by Michael Brooks

“The Doctor” VALENTINO ROSSI by Michael Brooks

Few would contest that Valentino Rossi is the greatest motorcycle racer of all time.  Certainly he is among the most successful, with nine Grand Prix World Championships.  He has over 110 victories.

A young fan from Izmir, Turkey recently wrote this insight on Quora into why Rossi is a global sensation:

He is fast. He is funny. He is nice. He is technically perfect. He often makes near-impossible passes, he often makes inbelievable and quck re-takes when he is passed. And he keeps doing these since… a long time.  Oh, and he is Italian and emotional enough to move the crowd.

You can watch Rossi race, but he is here and then gone out of frame.  Or the cameras pull back into a wide shot to hold him in frame.  The artist Michael Brooks has captured the instantaneous essence of Rossi in a race.  Close-up, you are next to him.  Intense colors, intense posture.  In his distinctive gesture on a turn, the left leg is jetting out barely an inch off the ground.

Giclee on Canvas   Limited Edition= 50      SIZE (H x W) =  24 in x 36 in with border for framing    SIZE (H x W) =  20 in x 33 in image area

Be sure to watch this video of Michael Brooks creating the original painting…

Artist Michael Brooks explains his developing interest in motorcycle racing…

My interest in MotoGP has developed in the last 2 to 3 years. It’s addictive, to say the least. The skill and bravery of the racers is mind-boggling. The availability of super-slow motion camera technology allows you to see that the motorcycles are being pushed literally to the limits of physics. Artistically, that makes for fantastic subject matter.

Expect Michael to paint more motorcycle racing legends in dramatic scenes… but you’ll want to start with his “The Doctor”!

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  • Dimensions: 36 x 24 in
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    Canvas Giclee

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    Michael Brooks

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    Motorcycle Racing

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