PC010R reflection

Dimensions: 12.20 in x 5.10 in x 3.50 in     Weight: 1.75 lbs  

The Indianapolis 500 Spindizzy model is completely hand-built & handcrafted of recycled polished aluminum and brass. The seat is made of faux leather. Wheels are aluminum and treaded tires of rubber. This reproduction Indianapolis tether car model was designed by using original blueprints and replicates the original Dooling Brothers spindizzies.

Choice of red seat or black seat.

pc010 french

This is an authentic replica of a 1930s child’s toy.  Its original makers were the famous Dooling Brothers, who manufactured around 1000 units at the time.  They were offered to aficionados of the famous Dooling spindizzies, miniature motorized race-cars that reached dizzying speeds.

Product Details

  • Scale:

    room decor

  • Color:

    Black Seat, Red Seat


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